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Models Wanted

If you have ever wanted to enter into the glamorous world of modeling and never knew quite how to start, send us your model submission via email. It's easy & it's fast. Send us recent color photos of yourself or your account in instagram or in fb. However, we prefer those to be unedited / non-photoshopped

If you are a professional fashion model, a stylist, a fashion editor, or a fashion designer?

A fashion influencer?

A magazine? A swimwear or a resortwear brand?

and you would like a unique photographic island concept, inside the Endless BLUE and the spectacular white

of this magical Aegean island

Please apply an inquire for a professional photo shooting 

for your portfolio in Skyros Island. 

Subject - TITLE: "island LIFE"...


You must be 18 + years old. Period: June 1st - September 10, 2022   

Please send us your Age, your Nationality & your Instagram account. 

What we need

We need talented fashion models with an extraordinary aura. Talented stylists, fashion editors & fashion designers with new contemporary ideas. We love the unique, the different, the unexpected. We love elegance. We love simplicity...

What we don't like?

We do not like overdoze photoshop fake faces & an excessive make up.

Photographer - concept creator: Themis Veleris @vartcontemporary 

For inquiries, more details, availability & questions, 

please contact us via Mrs. Charlotte Turner

Our drive is the internationality of the Mediterranean Life, the Aegean, Skyros island & the Greek islands generally and their communication with the world. Through art photography, we promote the magic and the uniqueness of the Greek islands & the Mediterranean. Skyros island is a pure magical Aegean island. Skyros island is a unique genuine ambassador of the Aegean islands & the Mediterranean Life...

It is the magic of LIGHT.

Follow the islands breeze.

Model: Livvy

40m2 boutique studio in a magical Aegean landscape for 2 guests...

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