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Dining in Skyros is a treat, especially for adventurous eaters. Cozy, family owned restaurants, are hidden around every corner serving fresh & innovative gourmet meals.

Aegean dreams, Island taste, Gourmet memories... 

Being an island, seafood is strong here, especially the lobster spaghetti. After all, Skyros is known as the lobster island. 

Choose a very very special evening ( ! )

and enjoy the amazing taste

of this gourmet plate.

The famous Skyrian "astakomakaronada" - lobster pasta, is serving in a tavern next of you.


1 lobster, 1 ½ kg approximately2 onions, grated1 bunch of dill1½ kg of tomatoes, grated or, 2 tins of chopped tomatoessalt, pepper1/2 cup of oil1/2 glass of brandy½ kg of No 6 spaghetti


Grate or chop tomatoes

Grate onions

Wash the lobster well and cut into rounds before cooking. The lobster should be fresh.

Cut into the horizontal membranes that are present between gaps in the shell, at the joints.

Cut the head in half, lengthwise.

1. Heat the oil in a saucepan. When hot, but not smoking, add the onion to soften, but do not brown. Add the tomatoes and mix.

2. Next, add a cup of water, salt and pepper, and allow the sauce to thicken. Once the sauce has reduced, add the lobster and the brandy.

3. Turn the lobster carefully so as not to break it up. Allow to simmer over low heat for 20 - 30 minutes, approximately.

4. In another pan, bring water to the boil with 2-3 tablespoons of oil.

5. As soon as it boils, add ½ kg of No 6 spaghetti, and stir so as to prevent sticking. Cook until just al dente. Do not strain.

6. Transfer the spaghetti to the lobster straight from the saucepan.7. The water with the pasta is necessary for this recipe. Once all the pasta has been added, increase the heat.

8. Add the dill, finely chopped, stir carefully into the other ingredients, and simmer slowly for about 10 minutes.

9. Turn off the cooker, shake the pan, and leave for a further 5 minutes.

10. Arrange on a serving platter and serve. If desired, some grated parmesan can be sprinkled on top

Bon Appétit !

For a tasty lunch made with the day's fresh catch of fish, search a tavern on Pefkos, Agios Fokas or Atsitsa beaches. As the tavern-owners are usually experienced fishermen, enjoy a fresh & delicious seafood meal. You can find also excellent island dishes of seafood, lamp and casserole Greek cuisine in the little port of Linaria.

Aegean Cuisine

The island is also famous for the delicious goat meat. You can order "katsikaki", cooked lamb in lemon, in every tavern or restaurant ! Small pies made of dried milk, cheese or yogurt called "Teroptaria" are actually in every tavern's catalog. The island produces also delicious cheeses, including its own feta, xinotiri and kasseri. The famous Skyrian "Fava", the little yellow split beans, is served at any tavern. Oregano, mint, fennel, sage and rarer varieties of aromatic herbs, are also found across the Skyrian set of islands, giving dishes a fantastic flavour.

Skyrian thyme honey is one of the best in Greece

Roast leg of Skyrian lamb or goat with potatoes


  • 4 lbs. leg of lamb or goat
  • 3 -4 cloves garlic
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • 3/4 cup butter
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 2 1/2 lbs. potatoes


Wash meat and place in a pan.

Cut garlic into slivers, put salt & pepper and insert into incisions made in the lamp-goat

Peel potatos and quarter them. Arrange around meat in roasting pan. Pour over with melted butter.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper and lemon juise. Add hot water.

Bake in a moderate oven for about 2 hours.

When lamb-goat is done, remove to heated platter. For more brown potatoes, place them under grill. Arrange around the roast.

Enjoy !

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