Μango dreams

Mango dreams

Mango dreams & promises


What can you do with a juicy fresh mango on a magical Greek island? The beautiful model Maria Intz. who lives and works on the island of Skyros, stars in a mango photography series that captures Summer, beauty and youthful freshness. It is the charm of carelessness that one encounters in the Greek islands, so unexpectedly, by chance. You recognize this carelessness by its simplicity, and you always think it was there for you. But this meeting, under the blue, constantly reminds you of your summer childhood dreams. Youth burns under the bright Aegean sun leaving us all that wonderful taste of life from the summers of our dreams. Endless Blue, spectacular White. I had the extraordinary fortune of working with the wonderful model Maria Intz. many times in unique conceptual artistic photography and the only thing I can say as a photographer with absolute certainty, is that Maria should already be in Paris & New York for years now, and her photos appear in the best women's fashion magazines, such as VOGUE & ELLE, or star as an official key face in advertising campaigns for famous cosmetics & perfumes. I feel incredibly lucky to have met her in Skyros and to have directed so beautiful unique photo series with Maria as bright protagonist. Thank you Maria!

Photographer: Themis Veleris

Copyright: VART contemporary...


Windmill - Skyros NORTH

Model: Maria Intz.

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